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with Fabian Almazan ($10)

A three-part series brought to you by ShapeShifter Plus, election year: a Work in progress. will showcase a brand new symphony by Kyle Saulnier, to be composed across the entire span of the election year as events unfold. Each of the three performances will see new movements and material added to the work, relevant to both the 2016 election cycle in real time and to the dates on which the performances will occur.

Part 2 of election year. will comment on the final primary buildup to the party conventions (beginning on July 18th and 25th), and the potential chaos of each as both parties look to be on the brink of fracturing. Additionally, as the performance falls on Bastille Day, the new movement will explore the stark contrast between the democratic ideals of the French Revolution and our questionable democratic processes of the present day.

7:30p - the Awakening Orchestra
8:45p - Fabian Almazan's Rhizome

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