[A] monumental event… The title track is a four-part suite and nothing short of a masterpiece… For all involved, this is not the answer. is [a] tour-de-force, and one of the best albums of the year.
— Karl Ackermann, All About Jazz
[A] complete masterpiece... [T]ruly one of the best albums of 2014.
— Vladimir Horvat, TerapijaNet

'balance of the artificer' by Donny Dixon

Although it's right there in the name, it's not entirely clear whether composer/leader Kyle Saulnier's Awakening Orchestra is in fact an orchestra, a big band, or something entirely and wildly different. Encompassing broad swaths of musical style in both original and recontextualized and re-imagined compositions, the Awakening Orchestra delves deep into traditions from classical to jazz to indie rock on their debut album, volume i: this is not the answer.

Interspersing original work - like the intricate, four-part, title-track symphony - with often radical interpretations of work by Samuel Barber, Radiohead, Johannes Brahms and Low, volume i: this is not the answer. crafts a powerful mix of written and improvised material. Throughout, individual expressions of virtuosity blend seamlessly with Kyle Saulnier's ever-shifting orchestral textures, and the Awakening Orchestra's eight years of performing experience come through in a the nuanced yet strongly-defined ensemble concept that threads through the record.

Release date: May 27th, 2014
innova Recordings


kyle saulnier, composer & conductor

rob mosher
david dejesus
samuel ryder
andrew gutauskas
felipe salles

seth fruiterman

daniel urness
seneca black
nadje noordhuis
philip dizack

michael boscarino
matthew musselman
benjamin griffin
max seigel

james shipp
michael macallister
aaron kotler
joshua paris
will clark

nathan hetherington