live recording coming 12.06.2016 on biophilia records!

atticus Live!
(based on atticus, a 2008 recording by Jesse Lewis)

 originally composed by jesse lewis, produced by joseph davancens
arranged & orchestrated for live performance by kyle saulnier

premiered on 12.10.2012 in New York, NY

jesse lewis (guitar)
kyle saulnier (conductor)
patrick cornelius, jon irabagon, samuel ryder, andrew gutauskas, kevin gosa (reeds)
daniel urness, seneca black, nadje noordhuis, jonathan powell (trumpets)
benjamin griffin, matthew musselman, shannon barnett, joe barati (trombones)
james shipp, michael macallister, jesse stacken, joshua paris, will clark, rohin khemani (rhythm)

Program Notes (by the arranger):

Jesse Lewis' 2008 album Atticus is a revelation, an endless supply of inspiration for those in the know. Working in New York City for over a decade, Jesse has been a first-call sideman for scores (and possibly hundreds) of creatively-led ensembles, earning his reputation as a selfless musician who is stylistically capable of anything. Atticus is a thorough fusion of his limitless, melodic guitar style with the programming and sound design of Joseph Davancens, resulting in a truly unique and memorable recording.

The goal of atticus-Live! was to adapt this incredibly flexible and powerful music to the Awakening Orchestra, allowing for a real exploration of the depth and beauty of Jesse's compositions while simultaneously giving voice to the individual and ensemble talents of the band - truly, this is incredibly challenging and worthwhile music, and the goal of adapting it to a live orchestra provided new opportunities both for the musicians and for the music.


(banner art - Better Off Flying by Angela Costanzo Paris)